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Recently, Han Lee Soo-hyuck on INS drying out GD Quan Zhilong gift, showing a relationship between Lee Soo-hyuck loved ones and the right of Chi Long. GD Quan Zhilong gave Lee Soo-hyuck shoes has become the focus, it was praised emitting a distinctive fashion sense. Lee Soo-hyuck Quan Zhilong kin relations cited concern! Lee Soo-hyuck via instagram message: “Thanks GD!” And attach a photo. Lee Soo-hyuck disclosed photo, showing G-Dragon shoes donated gifts. Photo shoes G-Dragon and a co-production of shoe brands. G-Dragon is worthy fashion, shoes full of gorgeous sense demonstrated its distinctive style. G-Dragon Lee Soo-hyuck to give a gift, personally involved in the production of shoes, sported two deep friendship. G-Dragon King and Italian shoes Giuseppe Zanotti Design (referred GZD) jointly design shoes, shoe surface of a shiny light fusion gorgeous street, punk, rock culture, full of fashion energy. Japan’s well-known brand Asics asics running shoes everyone is also one of the five major international brand running shoes, prestigious in the country, in terms of running shoes is the expert level, have a pair of Asics running shoes is a runner’s dream. Xiaobian look at Asics running shoes today, teach you how to choose Asics running shoes. Before the purchase Asics running shoes, we must first understand their own feet, because Asics running shoes for different types of foot design different shoes, such as Kayano series and GT series is suitable for people who wear walking foot valgus, and Nimbus series is suitable within walking foot varus runners wear. Asics running shoes also pay attention to how to choose the type of shoes, Asics running shoes into a stable system, the buffer system and the suspension system. Here come from shoes to answer them:, gt-2110 belonging to the ordinary running shoes, high global sales, is stable running shoes, exercise is very suitable for larger, heavier, medial heel to wear or to wear medial palm, the front end inside the knee pain in runners, but also for normal arch classmates. gel-1110 or gel-1000 series is also stable running shoes, gt-2110 is a simplified version, but also stable running shoes in the cheapest one. 2, kayano series, which is known as “the king of running shoes,” and gt-2110 of the same type, belonging to the top stable running shoes for the crowd and gt-2110 is the same, but the comfort made to strengthen, more comfortable . Many reviews are wearing running shoes asics running shoes to this series Assessment. 3, nimbus series, are buffered top running shoes for normal feet, outside of the heel or forefoot to wear to wear palm anterolateral, lateral knee pain in runners to the front end, like the excellent cushioning and comfort people who can choose this series of running shoes, comfort cushioning running shoes better than stable, walking foot feeling is also very good. , Gel-Cumulus series, cushion running shoes, nimbus series of Starter Edition. Like for the crowd. Width of only 1, D width (normal). 5, Gel-Foundation series, belonging to motion control type, suitable for heavy weight people, is stable enhanced version. Here are the five series of Asics running shoes, Asics running shoes for everyone how to identify some of it has not learned? Clear after you can start to buy up their own running shoes.