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Nike “OUSADIA ALEGRIA” Neymar shoebox enjoy exclusive limited: as the future crown prince Nike soccer heartthrob Neymar is also one of the stars of Nike love, and well versed in marketing of the Road with Nike more limited approach will Jingmeilihe This time Neymar soccer shoes exclusive to a new climax. To be honest, with such a huge mural to cover the entire surface of a shoebox to build the wall really is not easy, not to mention still a pioneer of street art. (In fact, the huge walls are formed by the 1000 shoebox) This creative approach in Nike’s marketing is also the first time. When painting the whole work is not yet completely dry, Nike can not wait to release the Nei Maer Hypervenom II “Ousadia Alegria” exclusive soccer shoes. From before the release of the video you can see, I have received limited exquisite shoebox Neymar is more personally sent by the street artist pioneer Bruno Big. Although overwhelmed by Neymar exclusive soccer shoes on sale will continue across the board, but only 1,000 pairs of shoes have beautiful murals shoebox packaging, and also comes with a small shoebox album, which recorded piece of exquisite masterpiece of the creative process, in addition to beyond this there is Bruno Big Neymar created a poster.