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Pebax outsole of the shoe contrast, using a cylindrical spikes to get the best steering flexibility. Black / red color nike foamposite 2016 women’s soccer shoes retail for $ 200, the maximum size listed for the woman US13 yards. It seems everything is a foregone conclusion. The latest spy photos show the outflow been speculation for a long time nike foamposite Lava (C Lo magma exclusive version) for more details, the shoe will be available in mid-October 2015. Previous spy photos we’ve seen the details of the sole of the shoe and the outside, which also includes the iconic CR7 pattern, and now the latest version of AG spy, not only let us see the details of the inside, but also to want to start this soccer shoes people eating a reassurance. Yes, just SG and FG, still nike foamposite AG Edition! And before the same out of the spy photos, CR7 logo AG Version magma CR7 soccer shoes is no longer a simple white printing, but the three-dimensional chrome logo. The new photos also made before the rumors proved unfounded, said a medial CR7 flag, obviously, the inside of the new shoes will only magma pattern, Nike logo and ACC mark.