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In the above, we also mentioned, in March last year, Adidas announced its marketing spending will focus on six global cities. In addition, the brand also plans to gradually strengthen cooperation on innovation in order to strengthen the attractiveness of Adidas brand, drive sales and profit growth. Adi said the strategy will help Adidas to create a “new European marketing organizations.” However, such a strategy also attracted some negative comment. Tim Crowe (Tim Crow), CEO of Synergy Sponsorship questioned: “You have to question the logic of this urban-centric strategy behind global distribution because it is able to overcome the Nike Adidas One of the biggest reasons . “but Moore stressed that Adidas strategy and development path without problems, and consumer confidence has been restored to the brand. Moore retorted: “We have been monitoring, testing our city as the center of the strategy, from brand influence and net sales of these two aspects, the present results demonstrate that our brand strategy is not very high heat isolation which the market since. our performance in places outside of London is also very good. Take our NMD products, where all sold out of stock. “Moore said, Adidas gradually strengthen cooperation and innovation, to become content creators move is already in set industry standards. He concluded:.. “Social platform for the future of our brand is vital we build relevant institutions and industry standards, is now in a dominant position in terms of an example, we have established a number of newsrooms in the head office, will PR and digital and social media features combined. “” opinion leaders in the Adidas brand communication will play an important role. we will guide the public into our channel, so that they create their own content, which is our focus. we do not want just goes to show to the public what we sell, we want with them to shape the brand. “Boost technology is a revolutionary cushioning materials technology. This technology has been widely recognized by the public, so that our brand advantage. Given that the technology has been successful, we need to do now is from a marketing point of view it is packaged for sale, “Moore said.Adidas recently in Victoria Park established an “X-shaped” Pop-up concept of space, offers a free fitness training experience for young women. This initiative is a series of city-center Adi marketing strategy in a small part. The brand since last March to adjust its overall marketing strategy, established the city as the center of the marketing structure, and locked the six major global cities. So in this new marketing strategy, they do specifically what efforts, what little of it?