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This pair of shoes combines the iconic dynamic fit collar and Flyknit upper woven material, but also upper with fly line technology to deliver the ultimate lock and speed. And it seems very similar to the previous generation nike foamposite football boots in the details still rather interesting. Its dynamic fit collar and height of the previous generation rather, socks version provides unobstructed fit. The Nike Mercurial is used in the upper flying Nike woven material. Fly woven upper with fly line technology, bringing commendable design, dubbed the Nike Speed ​​Ribs name in marketing. nike foamposite and each side is only six different fly lines, Nike Mercurial on the upper with a dense fly line to provide more powerful locking. Of course, in order to provide the ball under all weather conditions, Nike also joined the ACC technology for shoes, and on the outside of the upper cover with a layer of synthetic material to increase touch. From the exterior, Nike Mercurial Superfly V and Superfly IV can be described as quite similar, but there are things around, Nike designed a new interior support frame to better lock the foot. Nike foamposite also features a new outsole design. Although the spike position and the previous generation are similar, but every single spikes are using a triangle of concern to the FG venue provides the ultimate speed.