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Of course, harmless (but also nothing useful) high-tech we never refuse, but in fact, we would like to know if Rib lines removed, had the effect of Vapor XI exactly how. After all, he joined Rib also did not let the ball becomes too obscure, so we have nothing to complain about. However, those few centimeters above the upper projection actually added a trace buffer, it brings more comfort for the long pass and shot. Although Ribs lines, Vapor XI still feel the ball very straight, which is one of the characteristics of modern Vapor. This pair of shoes has also been further downsizing, so Teijin Composites feel when stopping and passing really great. And shot a long pass regard, VaporXI not out of color, but as this weight class football shoes, its performance can be described as quite satisfactory. Shooting and passing are feeling very clear, after all, the distance between the balls of your feet and just the least bit, so your technology is the key to everything. Really as mentioned before, Ribs seems to bring a little buffer, regardless of whether it can bring a different feeling, which are already top elite touch.